Microsoft Windows Embedded Solutions

As an authorized Windows Embedded distributor and a Cloud Solution Provider(CSP), Advantech works with partners to design intelligent devices powered by Windows and Azure.

Microsoft Embedded IoT licensed Distributor

Achieved centralized global logistics and competitive pricing

1-Stop Shop

One stop shop for embedded computing needs: boards, systems, long-life SSDs, long-life RAM, NVIDIA GPUs, Microsoft products and supply chain services

Buffer Stock Service

Advantech will stock inventory for our OEM customers based on their forecasts

OS Customization Service

Do not have the resources to develop Windows image from scratch? Advantech can customize an image for you based on your specification

Hardware & Software Engineering Support

Advantech has offices in the United States and worldwide to provide real-time local support.

Off-the-Shelf Board Support Package

Advantech hardware has prebuilt Off-the-Shelf (OTS) base image for different Windows OS platforms for faster time to market.

CLA/Product Key Management

Advantech will assist as your advocate to Microsoft and assure your agreements are current and compliant and you have the correct keys and licenses

Licensing Consultation

Licensing and Sourcing Microsoft Windows Embedded/IoT Licenses is complex and complicated. Schedule a consultation with an Advantech Licensing Specialist

1. The most secure version of Windows so far

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise protects devices from malicious software attacks using built-in enterprise-grade security. It makes managing devices easier and safer than ever.

3. Intuitive interfaces improve user experiences

This version of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise provides better interactive experiences using dual touch and input. These features further enable devices to be used in point-of-sales and medical device applications.

5. Enjoy 10 years of worry-free support

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC provides ten year, long life-cycle support with world-class service. This solution helps users keep connected devices up to date.

2. Reduce OS footprints and corresponding BOM costs

Microsoft is focused on reducing OS image sizes and boot/deployment times for dedicated devices. This newest version of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise reduces the OS image footprint by 47%.

4. The Linux experience on Windows

Bringing Linux, Azure, and Cloud Native microservices to Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows empowers advanced AI in facial recognition, audio/image processing, and video analytics applications at the edge.

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