Networks & Communications

Advantech provides mission critical hardware to the world’s leading telecom and networking equipment manufacturers. Our technology leadership stems from field-proven design expertise on Intel® architecture combined with high performance switching, hardware acceleration, and innovative offload techniques. Our standard commercial off-the-shelf platforms coupled with comprehensive pre-validated operating system and application support and remote evaluation services provide the foundations for rapid and smooth deployments. In addition, Advantech’s customization capabilities allow customers to choose the precise level of differentiation, cost optimization or enhancement they require. This can range from small hardware or mechanical changes, to full-custom design or complete system branding, bundling and logistics services. Whether it is wired or wireless, virtual or physical nodes at the core or the edge of the network, Advantech’s products are embedded in the telecommunications infrastructure that our world depends upon.

AdvancedTCA Blades & Integrated Systems

ATCA Blades & Systems AdvancedTCA Blades & Integrated Systems

ATCA Systems are tailored to help Industrial communication network appliance reach superior performance over traditional rackmounts.

AdvancedMC Modules

AdvancedMC Modules Designed for AdvancedTCA carrier cards

AdvancedMC is designed to work on AdvancedTCA carrier cards and which can directly plug into a backplane is defined by MicroTCA.

Carrier-Grade & Servers

Carrier-Grade & Servers Carrier-Grade & Enterprise Blade Servers

The Packetarium offers optimum performance in next generation enterprise and telecom applications, enabling new, cost-effective ways.

cPCI & VPX Blades

cPCI & VPX Blades 3U and 6U CompactPCI products

Complete range of 3U and 6U CompactPCI products including Chassis, Blade server, Single Board Computers and Industrial and Networking I/O.

Network Switches

Network Switches 10GbE and 40GbE flexibility for (ATCA) and 1RU

Advantech high performance switches offer 10GbE and 40GbE flexibility in both AdvancedTCA (ATCA) and 1RU rackmount format.


InterconnectivityIndustrial Ethernet / Industrial Wireless / Cellular Routers

Advantech offers a comprehensive portfolio of communications products and technologies building up reliable connection.

Digital Processing

Digital ProcessingMulti-Core Digital Signal Processing

Advantech's Multi-Core Digital Signal Processing (DSP) portfolio includes ATCA, AdvancedMC, and PCI Express products.

Network Appliances

Network Appliances Enterprise Networking Product

Advantech's Enterprise Networking Division offers a broad portfolio of x86-based Network Platforms built with the latest generation Intel processors.

PCI-Express Adapters

PCI-Express AdaptersAccelerators / network interface cards

Advantech's PCI Express adapter range of accelerators, network interface cards, and intelligent NICs enables industrial integrators and more.

PMC/XMC Modules

PMC/XMC Modules CPCI Ethernet PMC and Ethernet XMC modules

CPCI Ethernet PMC and Ethernet XMC modules for the full range of CPCI peripherals. MIC-3665 is a powerful PCI-X 1.0a PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC).